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Deco Proteste is an independant and non-political organisation whose aim is to defend consumers' right in Portugal. Founded in 1974, DECO PROTESTE launched its unique offer, an offer very few could resist. We have about 400 000 members associated.

The aim of the campaign is to bring new members to the association. There are 2 types of promotions available "Gold" whose incentive it's a smartphone and "Silver" whose incentive is a smartwatch

Promotion guidelines for every verticals can be found on this page and have to be followed.

Guide lines for sponsored blogs/ Marketing articles:
1. Use of approved material
• The Affiliate will submit its proposal for approval prior to publication.
• The Affiliate will provide all the proposition details for the approval prior to publication: kind of communication, copy, graphic contents (i.e. banners,images, logo), links and url.
• If the Affiliate wants to use another material or perform a change/add content to the existing one, it should submit it again for approval prior to publication.
Content control
• The Affiliate can’t use content that overlaps/duplicates the communication activity managed directly by the Advertiser on its official pages.
• Graphic materials such as the Advertiser’s logo, images, banners and layout can’t be replicated without authorization. It is absolutely forbidden to register and use domains containing the Advertiser’s brand.
• Any comments to the articles have to be checked and moderated prior to publication.

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